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We have some exciting news to share with you today, and while it may seem a little nerdy – the long run benefits will be immense. Your contests are now load balanced.

Load what? Let me translate.

In plain English: We’ve made serious upgrades that now allow us to handle many, many times more concurrent visitors without breaking a sweat.

Our previous solution served us very well, but with an average of 1,000 visits per hour we’ve been feeling the stress of a growing application. Great problems to have 🙂

You may have noticed a few hiccups along the way of us making this transition, but they has not been in vain. We’ve been working our tails off to get things purring and the results are starting to pay off.

Expect more optimizations to come over the next few days that will lead to improved page load times and overall app responsiveness.

There are a few important things to note for our Business and Agency customers who are using domain mapping.

Important Info About Domain Mapping

Since we’ve actually migrated all the data to run on the new platform (and has been for days now), it’s important that our Business & Agency customers know what to expect about their mapped domains.

First, if you configured your CNAME to point do a domain, such as or – you do NOT need to change anything.

Our load balancer will handle everything for you in the background, and you’ve already been upgraded. Sit back and relax while our system handles the heat.

In some unique cases with registrars who have different rules about allowing you to map to a domain and forced you to map to an IP, there are some important changes.

With the new system you must update your IP address to reflect the new system. We will make this IP available inside the app as well as through direct email.

(Note: Expect an email from us this afternoon if we detect you’re using a mapped domain.)

You will need to update the IP for your mapped domain as soon as possible. You will not experience a drop in up-time while everything moves over.

For a short period of time, we will be keeping the old IP’s running for those who are going through the transition.

Most registrars state “up to 72 hours” for the changes to take effect globally.

If you start the move as soon as possible, you should have ample time to allow your traffic to hit the new system – while your customers experience no change in usability.

What’s Next?

This big platform upgrade should reconfirm our commitment to building a robust and scalable platform that you can count on to continually improve.

These upgrades are of course free of charge, and part of our hosted business model to constantly improve without the customer needing to install new software or worry about any data transfers.

We have more exciting updates planned for the end of the year and we’re setting up for a very ambitious 2014.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our support team who will be happy to get you taken care of promptly.

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