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Software is great, but execution strategies are better.

This is something our team has come to realize over the past several months. We are still fully committed to building some of the most powerful and useful marketing software that you don’t have to code yourself, but we want to give you resources for becoming a better marketer.

We’ve spoken at conferences, put together case studies and consulted with countless brands to which we’ve heard some really amazing results from the thousands of people who were reached by that content. After listening to customer feedback, our audience has made it clear: they are hungry for more.

Because of that, we’re happy to introduce our content resource site “Prospect Domination”. Your guide to getting more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

Kinds of Resources

We’ve built this site to give you three distinct types of content to inspire your marketing that we think you’re going to love. It’ll be interesting to us to see which types of content you end up loving the most.

1. Case Studies

Always a crowd favorite, case studies will be a staple of what we bring to the table. With our diverse audience we will be able to curate a variety of niches to show you what’s working and what’s not.

In the past this has covered businesses such as local agencies, online marketers, high paid consultants, event promoters and more. The larger our community grows, the more content we are going to be able to surface for everyone to learn from.

You’ll be able to see our curated list of case studies here.

2. Raw Training

Case studies are an excellent way to learn high level strategies that business are finding success with. But what about granular execution of those strategies?

This is where our training content will come in handy. We’re putting together specific for things like automation marketing, email marketing, Facebook marketing, contest marketing and more. Each section will have a variety of videos with specific techniques on how to dominate each part of your marketing cycle.

Visit our training center to see what we have for you already.

3. Posts: Market Updates, Interviews, Events etc

Not everything fits into the rigid box of either a case study or explicit training. But that doesn’t mean it’s without value.

Often times there are fundamental shifts in the marketplace that are important to know about, and in order to bring that information to you quickly, a blog post makes the most sense.

We also will try to let you know about big upcoming events that will be helpful in giving you that facetime with your audience, potentially interviews with other successful marketers and more. These types of posts will be very in-line with what you’d expect from other top-tier marketing blogs.

User Driven Content

At the end of the day, we want to make this site and it’s content all about you.

Since our goal is to give you the content you crave, we’d love to hear about your biggest pain points right now so we can get them answered for you. Besides, if you have a question, chances are that you aren’t the only one – so let’s help you get the answer.

Please let us know in the comments below exactly what you’d like us to cover, or what your biggest hurdle is right now in growing your traffic, leads & sales.

Feel like sharing the love about our new site? We’d really appreciate if you can tell even just one friend about us. Feel free to use the Tweetable below!

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  1. Hi Travis:
    Getting myself up to speed on CD.
    Quick question. If I want to use this for myself as well as
    selling these services to others, how does the pricing work?
    In other words, would my monthly pmt cover clients too?

    • George, thanks for stopping by! While you can use your license to do whatever contests you’d like. We’ve actually created what we think is an ideal plan for those doing client work.

      It allows you to have multiple auto-responders connected, silo each client data into their dashboard and even invite your entire team into your account as account managers to facilitate your client contests.

      We will be talking more about it our webinar this week (5/30):

  2. Your software came along at just the right time! Our area is putting on a huge first-time event celebrating Canada Day on July 1st! Now we just have to figure out how to use your app and apply it to our event…! We are working with a professional concert promotion company (we’re having 15 live bands on an open air stage throughout the day, a Pancake breakfast, a “Show N’ Shine”, a Vendors Market, a petting zoo, Kid’s rides, and much much more, but have yet to figure out what we should do as far as a contest! 🙂

    Any ideas? This is our first event, and means a ton to our small town. We were chosen by the Federal Government to be the place for the Canada Day celebrations for our entire area (over nearby much larger towns), and received operating grants from both the federal government AND The County Of St Paul to fund this event! If we can make it a success, then we’ll get even larger grants next year! If it flops……Well, I am not even thinking that way. Not in my vocabulary! (LOL!)

    Michael Rytter

    • I would put together some kind of super special VIP experience that people can enter to win. Then, for everyone who doesn’t win you can promote regular tickets as well as an upgraded experience (but save something special that ONLY the main winner can get).

      This will drive leads to your contest that are uniquely qualified to want to purchase tickets for your event.

      What kind of content do you want to see on here in the future?

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