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10 Steps to Contest Success (1st Edition)

Steps to Contest Success

Doing something new can be a bit intimidating, and we get asked all the time how to get started with running successful contest number one.

So we’ve teamed up with AWeber to answer the most common questions in an easy to read, step-by-step guide that dives into the ten most important factors that influence the success of a contest to make getting started a no-brainer.

Wondering what’s included in this free eBook? Here’s a sneak peek at the table of contents!


Exploding Your Influence with AWeber

Christian Alva Success Story
How can one guy go from complete ground zero, to being a dominate influence in his industry in just two years? (And with a shoestring budget…)

Creativity, contests & relationship building.

In just about two years, Christian Alva from Electronica Life has been able to gather an audience of over 28,000 people on Facebook (which consistently has 6k-8k people “talking about” it), and over 10,000 email subscribers.


Building a Client Based Empire

Contract being signed
Getting good, stable clients as an agency has never been a more difficult task.

Sure you can get a few with very little work, but building an agency of consequence has been an up-hill battle. Business are tired of being burned by SEO strategies gone sideways and other marketing plans that they just don’t understand.

It’s because of this that we were absolutely blown away when we found out that one of our customers from Contest Domination had exploded his marketing agency nearly 6x in under 12 months.


Welcome to Prospect Domination

Coffee is for closers

Software is great, but execution strategies are better.

This is something our team has come to realize over the past several months. We are still fully committed to building some of the most powerful and useful marketing software that you don’t have to code yourself, but we want to give you resources for becoming a better marketer.