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Facebook Organic Reach Plummeting

Contest Domination FB Reach
If you haven’t noticed, Facebook has been making changes that are dramatically reducing the number of “organic” fans that see the content you post.

In a not so subtle way, they told Ad Age that you’ll need to be buying Ads if you want to expand your reach. No such thing as a free lunch…

This is no different (but you shouldn’t be surprised), you’ll just need to adjust.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got some great ways to help you overcome this steep decline in organic reach. Both methods can be implemented TODAY.

Before The Edge Rank Drop

The organic reach for our posts generally peaks within 24 hours, because of the time decay that Facebook calculates in EdgeRank as well as if we post any new content. The organic reach of our posts would average between 350 and 440 fans that saw our content (out of just over 1,000 likes).

Pre EdgeRank Change

Pre EdgeRank Change

After The Edge Rank Drop

However, after 17 hours (nearing the peak lifetime of a post historically speaking), we were only able to reach 87 people. This is even after adding over 450 new fans compared to the post before.

Post EdgeRank Change

Post EdgeRank Change

So it’s pretty obvious – that yes, Facebook really is crushing the organic reach of posts. In a HUGE way.

Your Solutions

Option 1: The $1 Fb Ad Trick that helps you break through EdgeRank barriers and reach more of your fans.

Option 2: Spike engagement and scrape leads directly into your autoresponder (where you’ll own the relationship)

FB Contest Engagement Spike

Contest To Spike Engagement & Capture Leads

You’ll notice a few things about the contest we ran above, not only did it get a huge increase in the number of people who saw the contest but it’s now indicated to Facebook that our content is really engaging. The total number of people who this post reached far exceeded the organic reach of the post before it, even when you include the number of clicks we drove to it from an email blast.

We made a mistake though that hampered our ability to explode our results even further. Explained below.

The Timeline Contest Strategy

The Premise

As you probably know, we’re insanely big fans of contests and their ability to motivate an audience to take action, opt-in and share.

This slight tweak on the regular opt-in helps you spike the engagement of your posts for your Fan Page, build up a ton of fresh likes and of course.. more email subscribers.


To execute this kind of contest is really simple. All you have to do is get a large, good looking image and post instructions about what you want people to do.

Example status update:

Who wants to win 1 of 25 signed copies of Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook?

Step 1: LIKE this post
Step 2: Enter your name & email here =>

We will be announcing the 25 winners in early January. Good luck everyone!

This works because you’re explicit in telling your prospects exactly what you want them to do in order to be entered into the contest.

By asking them to “like” the status, you instantly boost engagement. Notice from the example screenshot above, we didn’t even ask the audience to comment on the status but they did anyway.

Secondly, by driving them through a smart link to a tabbed Facebook contest, we were able to enable a like gate (instant new likes!) and then capture their name & email as they went down our proven, viral referral funnel to invite their friends to participate in the contest as well 🙂

Mistakes Made

This was our first test with a contest executed in this particular way, so it wasn’t without it’s mistakes too. Let’s break down what we did wrong so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Too Much Text!

The biggest mistake we made had to do with the fact we were giving a book. The book has been a FANTASTIC incentive for people to engage, like our page, and opt-in to our list.

This was simply an oversight on our part, since Facebook is pretty clear that promoted photos can’t have more than 20% text and this cover is littered with words.

We’ve mostly overcome this by implementing a successful regular ad campaign, but it would have been magnitudes better if we had been able to just boost the existing post that had such a great response.

Note: The post promotion was originally approved, but was then pulled after only 23 “sponsored views” for the extreme amounts of text.

Loose Budgets

Once we started running an ad campaign, we were actually pretty discouraged at first. We used optimized CPM, with a budget that was far too large before getting initial data.

We’ll be doing another post entirely dedicated to the ad campaign, because we think there is immense insight there.

However, it’s worth noting that we went from a cost of $25 per lead (ouch!) do getting leads for as low as 44 cents, with the average being between $1 and $1.50 per lead.

Run Your Own

Ideally, you’ll be able combine both the $1 FB Ad Trick with our Timeline Contest method using Contest Domination to bolster your engagement, reach, and build up an audience quickly.

So far we’ve added over 365 likes (and counting) to our page, with a nearly equal number of leads into our contest. We expect this trend to continue as we refine this method for future contests.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 12.43.41 PM 2

If you’d like to boost your effectiveness on Facebook, you can try Contest Domination today completely risk free.

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