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Exploding Your Influence with AWeber

Christian Alva Success Story
How can one guy go from complete ground zero, to being a dominate influence in his industry in just two years? (And with a shoestring budget…)

Creativity, contests & relationship building.

In just about two years, Christian Alva from Electronica Life has been able to gather an audience of over 28,000 people on Facebook (which consistently has 6k-8k people “talking about” it), and over 10,000 email subscribers.

Now, he’s seeing the ripple effect of his influence across the entire electronic music industry. Everything from sponsors seeking him out to the established leaders copying many of his marketing techniques. But he’s still growing just as fast as ever.

Electronica Life Fan Page

The Initial Slow Ramp

When Christian first got started, he didn’t just wake up to instant success. In fact, he spent many months trying very hard at collecting leads the “classic” way, simply by asking people to opt-in to his newsletter.

The results? Only 4,000 leads in the first 18 months of incredibly hard work.

This was both frustrating for him personally, but it also left his business open to risk because he was having trouble cornering a large enough audience to keep revenue consistent. Since their business model is promoting local events, the margins are low and sporadic, so when you find a great concert you need to be able to pounce quickly.

Finding Explosive Growth

Then enters contests, where Christian saw an nearly immediate impact on the growth of his leads, likes, & follows. This totally changed his approach to list building from then on.

Even before we totally had things figured out, we immediately saw huge growth by implementing contests into our marketing mix. What used to take us months to achieve, now took days and a lot less effort.

Just 5 months after implementing a regular contest strategy, Electronica Life doubled their list from 4,000 to 8,000. Then, leveraging scarcity, something amazing happened.

We were really happy hitting the 8,000 person mark after 2 years of effort (including before contests), but then we got our hands on tickets to EDC in Vegas. We gave them away in a contest the same day that tickets went on sale, which generated 2,200 double opt-in leads in just 12 hours.

It completely blew us away.

With an audience of 10,000+ double opt-in* leads, they had a big enough audience to start making material amounts of revenue off of low-margin ticket sales. They had finally captured their foundational following, which is always the hardest to attract.

Getting Sponsored Prizes

The biggest factor in the success of a contest has to do with picking the right prize.

Since this directly influences the kind of people attract, you want to make sure that it aligns with what you do and sell. Because if you do this right, everyone who enters is a qualified prospect interested in your core services or products.

For Christian, who wanted to sell tickets to local shows, this meant he had to appeal to his ideal customer profile. To do this, he was able to, in many cases, even get his prizes sponsored which significantly reduced his cost of user acquisition.

He was able to get his hands on band fan paraphernalia, tickets to shows etc. These are all things that someone who is actually interested in attending shows would be interested in. This meant that for the mass majority who didn’t win the contest, he knew that all the leads on his list were interested in what he sells.

Getting qualified leads on your list who want what you sell, without having to pay for the prize. Just a little creativity and outreach can go a really long way for just about any business.

Relationship Building via Email

Building a big list of marketable leads is great, but how do you make sure that those leads get your information and care about what you have to say or offer them? This is where Christian leaned on a well known service called AWeber to nurture a relationship.

#1: Double Opt-in Leads

Using AWeber in conjunction with Contest Domination provided a great solution for generating a massive list of double opt-in leads, because the incentive, timing, and functionality was all placed perfectly.

When someone enters a contest, they have a huge incentive to give you their best email, because if they win, they want to be notified immediately. Additionally, when they enter a contest they are the most excited about making sure they did it correctly.

This is where the confirmation flow of Contest Domination came in very handy. By simply updating the “confirmation URL” in AWeber to the unique link that Contest Domination provided, and making the subject line be “Confirm your entry” they had a huge success rate.

Using these two services in conjunction gave Christian the massive influx of double opt-in subscribers his business needed to succeed.

See how you can connect Contest Domination & AWeber in 45 seconds or less.

#2: Push Button Broadcasts

Once Christian had collected the leads, he needed an easy way to get in touch with them immediately to share information about upcoming shows, contests and other notifications. These announcements are known as “broadcasts”.

Fact: An average Facebook post is only seen by 16% of your audience.

By putting his emphasis on capturing the name and email of his audience, the full control of his communication with prospects was in his hand. In just a few short minutes, Christian is able to craft a simple message that is seen by more people, and generates more sales than any other method of communicating with customers & prospects.

Owning that relationship and communication channel was one of Christians biggest weapons to achieve success so quickly.

#3: Analyzing Stats

Getting leads and sending out content and offers to your audience is nothing without data to make clear decisions. It doesn’t get much easier to see that data than this.

Because AWeber makes it insanely easy to see how many people are opening your emails and clicking your links, Christian was able to get a gauge of how often people liked to be emailed as well as which offers were better at getting his audiences attention.

It’s even drop dead easy to do an A/B test with subject lines to see what “hook” gets more people to open his emails. Getting this information quickly and easily was key to understanding what his audience wanted from him.

Generating Repeatable Results

The toughest part of any marketing plan is that, typically speaking, the effect wears off rather quickly.

But the great thing about contests is that people actually really enjoy taking part in them, especially when you still offer “runner up” prizes so everyone who enters feels like they were able to win something.

We were surprised when contests just kept on performing. In the past, everything we tried that actually worked would usually fall flat the 2nd or 3rd time we tried doing it. We’ve been doing contests for about 15 months now and the results are dependably spectacular.

Getting Great Engagement

Even though the value is in the list for Christian, there’s still merit in having an audience who cares about the content you share to stay emotionally connected with your brand. Here’s an example of a recent post they did that had tons of engagement.

Daft Punk Dollar Bill on Facebook

What are you doing in your business to generate massive engagement, interest from your ideal audience and converting leads into a buyers list? If you’re ready to do what Christian did, you can get started with AWeber and Contest Domination completely risk free.

*Double Opt-in: Someone enters their information, and then verifies the address before receiving email. Typically, this means much higher deliverability, lower spam complaints and all around better e-mail marketing success.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Travis.

    Quick question: do you have any case study for the financial services industry?



    • What kind of financial servies are you in?

      • I work with employees to make consistently better 401k investment choices using a methodology developed by Wall Street insiders over 130 years ago.

        • I’d normally have all kinds of advice, but given the kind of business in you’re in I’m sure you’d need to seek plenty of legal counsel about what sort of services or packages you’re legally allowed to give away to entice prospects.

          • George Huss says:

            Funny, Travis, you didn’t strike me as the shy type. I would love to hear your advice! If this is not an appropriate venue, you have my e-mail. Look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Thanks for the great case study, Travis! Very informative, educational, inspirational and exciting! Congrats to Electronica Life for cracking the code. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Christian did a nice job of keeping at it until he found the right offer that really got his audience to engage and respond with him in a really big way.


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