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All New “Do Everything” Template

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Today is an exciting day for us, because we can finally reveal a template we’ve been working on for a while behind the scenes.

This one is much more special to us than any other template we’ve released because we’ve written everything from the ground up. This template is going to set the direction for all future templates released on Contest Domination.


While thousands of customers have been very successful on our platform (in fact, our customers just recently collected over 1 million leads!), there was a very narrow type of contest setup that was succeeding.

This was mostly due to the fact that you needed to really have a featured image on our classic templates to look good, as well as a video for the “simple opt-in” template.

If your contest was missing these key media elements, it just didn’t look nearly as sharp is it could and the stats reflected that.

When our customers got it right though.. things went really right. For example, Snapknot is running a contest that’s quickly closing in on 140,000 leads collected on just this one contest alone. Case study coming soon!

Successful “Classic Template” Example

Classic Contest (Closing in on 140,000 leads collected)

New Template Example

Enter to win a signed copy of Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Our mission with the new template was to design something that would look great regardless of if you had a video or featured image.. but would also look amazing with any combination of those elements with your regular headline and text as well.

On top of that, we’ve heard the feedback loud and clear that some elements should be drag and drop easy (such as background images) instead of relying on custom CSS. So as of today, that’s not a feature on this new template and will be retrofitted for legacy templates very soon.

Influence of Mobile + 2-step Opt-in

You’ve probably heard a lot about the merits of a 2-step opt-in process.

The short version is essentially: by having a prospect click a call to action button before seeing the opt-in form, you’re having a “micro conversion event”. Then when you show them the form, it becomes the focal point of the entire page forcing them to decide yes or no definitively.

In general, we agree with this philosophy. However, until now that 2-step process has almost exclusively been accomplished with a lightbox/modal opt-in. And while that’s great for desktops it was far from being ideal on mobile devices.

When we looked at our data, we saw a staggering number.. nearly 50% of all leads across our network were coming from mobile devices.

This has been a clear trend since our inception, and has only been growing month over month for our entire existence.

Armed with this, we went to work on building an all-new 2-step opt-in method that looked way better (in our opinion) than a lightbox/modal on mobile devices.

But you should make the call for yourself, below is a comparison example.

Which would you rather opt-in to from your phone?

Mobile 2-Step Comparison

Use Cases

We’ve nicknamed this the “do everything” template because it really can look great for so many different scenarios (and different content).

You of course have your standard lead generating contests, but with a few edits to your featured image this makes a fantastic viral webinar registration page, a video centric contest opt-in etc.

Viral Webinar Registration Contest (No Video)

Live Training- Create A 367 ROI With Contests

Extremely Basic (No Image Or Video)

Basic New Template Example

Text And Video Only Example

Video Only New Template Example

Getting Started & Feedback

If you’re already a Contest Domination customer, you can go ahead and log-in to your account. The new template is already live and ready for you to start deploying immediately.

However, if you haven’t tried using contests in your business yet you can take advantage of our full featured 7-day trial (no credit card required).

This will allow you to create, edit, and deploy a contest in your business that starts generating qualified leads.

And after you get a chance to try the brand new template for yourself, we’d love to hear your feedback! Our support team is eager to hear from you so we can continue to make our product better and our customers more successful.

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  1. This makes me very happy. I’m just having my entire site coded for mobile responsiveness too so great move!

    • Glad we could make you happy! 🙂

      The hosted version of Contest Domination has been 100% responsive since day 1, but we knew we had to take do something unique when it came to adding support for a 2-step opt-in that would look really compelling on a mobile device. We simply weren’t satisfied with how everyone else was doing it.

      More great updates to be announced very soon as well.

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