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About Us

What Prospect Domination Is All About

We believe that great marketing shouldn’t be overly complicated or out of reach. In fact, most business can benefit from even the most fundamental marketing advice when it’s built on evidence based design instead of just theory.If any of these are true for you and your business:

  • You aren’t generating enough sales online
  • No one is watching your videos or reading your content
  • You’ve struggled to build an engaged audience
  • Nobody knows who you are online
  • Or you just want to take things to the next level

Then you’re in exactly the best place to get solutions.

Travis Ketchum on Orcas Island

Our Approach To Marketing

You don’t have to be the master of every method or strategy available to you. In fact, picking two or three strategies that you’ll actually implement is way more lethal than paying attention to the rest of the noise out there.

Nobody can master every aspect of an industry, in fact most that try fail miserably. What we’ve done to be successful in our marketing, as well as our customers, has been to focus on one or two types of marketing at first before trying to spread our resources more thinly. Trying to do everything leads to a sense of overwhelm, which both frustrating and fatal.

We’re going to show you how to go from novice to pro in many of the most effective ways of marketing, but you can navigate them based on what’s most interesting or applicable to you. You’ll be benefiting from years of experience not only from our own team, but we also will bring industry experts to your doorstep so you learn from the very best.

If you’re ready to take a focused, results oriented approach to growing your business by increasing your traffic, leads, and sales then we’d love to have you as part of our community. Feel free to browse our content, join in the conversation and subscribe to our email list so we can keep you on the cutting edge of what’s working right now.

Who Is Travis Ketchum?

Travis Ketchum at Pike Place Market
Founder & CEO of Total Domination Media, Travis Ketchum lives in beautiful Seattle, WA. Sticking with the “no one can do it all” mentality, it’s important to note that there is a team behind Prospect Domination and the apps you see on our site.

However, Travis drives the marketing, company focus, and product portfolio that you see here – which generate multiple 6 figures in sales each year, and are some of the fastest growing tools in the industry.

A graduate of Washington State University and born entrepreneur, Travis’s background in managing multi-million dollar renewal accounts, user acquisition, and affiliate/partner management uniquely prepares him to successfully drive the next generation of marketing tools.

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