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3 Updates For Contest Domination

We are extremely happy to announce 3 updates for Contest Domination that we think customers are going to absolutely love.

This update for Fall 2013 is packed full of things that will hopefully delight you, and not only make your life easier but help you give your contestants a better experience.

Feature #1: “Easy Entry”

Easy Entry Merge

Expect this to help you crush your conversion numbers for direct traffic from your existing email list. We’ve been looking for ways to make it easier for an existing audience to participate in contests, without having to do much effort.

But, we knew we didn’t want to just roll over leads into a new contest automatically. This would have been a poor experience, because the user didn’t take the action to be in the new contest and there would have been a lot of confusion about why they were getting information about a new contest “they didn’t enter”.

So instead, we made it a snap to pre-fill a contest for your audience so all they have to do after clicking to view the contest is click “enter”!

Just replace the bold areas with your email list merge fields to pre-populate the fields. This also works for custom fields by the way.

If you have their first and last name, you can add “%20” between a first and last name merge so that it spaces correctly.

We plan to offer a quick link for you to copy & paste based on your email provider soon, but for now you can simply structure the link as stated above and get the end result today.

Feature #2: Translation!

Our global customers have been asking for this since day one, and it’s always been something we wanted to get knocked out.

Today, it’s finally here. You can now edit every line of text, on every page, of every template.

Contest Translation

We’ve segmented the translation by page, so you can easily keep track of what page your editing the text for. This will be useful for creating contests in any language, or even just adding your own flair to each piece of content your contestants interact with.

Note: There are some merge variables in this area so you can drop in dynamic content such as entry points etc. Just be aware that they are there and adjust your text around them.

Feature #3: Contest Cloning

Contest Cloning

You may have already noticed a new icon in your dashboard that looks like two pages. This button will clone any existing contest you already have.

Now, you’ll still need to go through each step and verify that all your settings are what you want (such as, changing the dates of your new contest), but 100% of your content will be carried over.

We knew this would not only be a time saver for those looking to run similar contests often. But we knew it would be absolutely critical now that we offer translation, so you only have to the hard work once!

Listening To Feedback

Contest Domination has evolved as a product and we’ve grown as a company. Most of this has come from simply listening to our customers and working to provide a clean solution.

What do you think of this round of updates? Were they what you wanted in a great contest? Let us know so we can continue to ship great features that you want and need to be more successful!

If you aren’t a Contest Domination customer you can get started today, for free.

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  1. Carol Oddy says:

    I like all three options, is there any way to enter a contest? Has your contest ended? I love the first and second options the best.

  2. Travis and team thanks for these brilliant new updates. Particularly pleased about the easy entry and cloning. And I’m the translation will come in handy one day.



  3. Is there a Facebook connect feature? Can we use pre existing Facebook connect app?

    • We currently don’t offer a Facebook connect feature, because we found that most of the time people don’t use their best/personal email in their Facebook settings.

      This means that even if you get more people into your contest via Facebook connect it may actually be less responsive than when you ask people to enter their best information.

      Additionally, we’ve seen mixed results in terms of Facebook increasing (or sometimes descreasing) conversion rates, so we have a hard time accepting that they increase conversions across the board.

      That being said, eventually we’d like to offer FB connect as an option for those who would like to leverage it in their contest.

  4. How do I get information on how to use ContestDomination to create and promote a contest?

    Thank you, Teri

  5. Hi Travis – You and your team have done an excellent job! Your customer support is top shelf.

    A feature that would allow me to split test my graphics and copy would be awesome.

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Joe Lessen says:


    Being able to integrate GoToWebinar into the contests is good, being able to integrate a Google Hangout would be excellent. I am sure you have seen how much Google Hangouts are catching on, and the added value of no monthly cost.

    I would suspect it would be much easier to code for doing a Hangout, as compared to the integration for GoToWebinar with their API, etc.

    If you would consider this as an update, I am sure there will be a large number of your current customers that will be very happy and it makes an excellent selling point for future sales.

    Thank you…

  7. These are great, have you any progress on allowing a field for a skill question? This is essential for a contest to be legal in Australasia, I have never been able to use my licence for this reason 🙁

    • Serena,

      We actually have a large number of people using our software in Australia. We aren’t lawyers, but our customers tell us that the fact that people can earn more entries by referring people can constitute as “skill”.

      That being said, we definitely plan some additional field types for the opt-in pages that may address it in the way you described.

  8. I just tried the name and email and it did not work. I am using a custom domain, does it work with custom domains?

    Also can you be a little more specific on the format? Is it this after the main link?


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